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Standard Rustic Shed

Standard Rustic Shed

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The Rustic shed is made from native timber and the side frame is 35 x 35 at 18″ centers. The boards on the outside overlap each other, these boards are approx. 10 mm thick, the floor and roof boards are 16 mm thick and are butted together. We use the tear-resistant green mineral roofing felt as standard on our sheds.

The 8×6 comes with the door on the 6′ gable end and a window on the 8′ sides as standard. But can be made in different ways if sorted when ordering.


You need to provide the concrete blocks to go under the shed. If you check how many you need when ordering it would be great.


This price includes delivery and erection.


EXTRAS for timber sheds

Tyrex Breathable lining.

2 windows in the front of a shed beside the door is €40.00

Extra windows are €62 each

4′ double doors  ( if being upgraded from single door ) €50

Extra set of double doors €80

3  6″ shelves €40.00

Steel Box Profile Roof .

We can fit a steel roof on any size shed. This is normally fitted on top of the normal timber roof with a membrane between them .


Call us on 015134697 if you need to customise your order.