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Best Sandpits & Play Tables for Kids

A kids' sandpit doesn't just make a great toy, it also encourages creative and imaginary play too.

Kids sand pits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with plenty of options for your little one to dig, make shapes and enjoy building sandcastles.

Sandpits FAQ:

Are sandpits good for kids?

They encourage outdoor play and exercise, while also helping develop your child's creativity skills, as they work at building sand castles and making shapes in the sand, try digging or simply let their imaginations run wild playing with their toys on sunny days in the garden.

What age is appropriate for sandpits?

Most children seem to take to the sandbox by around 12 to 18 months, but a few kids enjoy playing in sand even before their first birthdays, especially the busy ones who like to pour things out of containers.
Does a sandpit need to be covered?

Every sandpit needs to be properly looked after, cared for, managed and maintained. This may include a decision to put a cover on a sandpit.
Why do kids like playing with sand?

Playing in the sand is terrific for developing motor skills, building hand-eye coordination, and strengthening muscles. Your child exercises her fine motor skills when she learns how to properly hold a shovel in her hand.
What sand is best for sandbox?

White sand looks great in the sandbox, and any bugs, feces, or debris will stand out against a white background, making it easy to keep the sand clean. You always can fill a sandbox with tan or white sand, then add a small play set of colored products for molding and building.