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Cavan Climbing Frame

Cavan Climbing Frame

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Cavan Climbing Frame with Monkey Bars, Swings, Picnic Table & Rockwall

Specification Summary:
  • 6ft Railed and roofed Tower, the base is made from 6’’ decking timbers and the posts are made from 4’’ square timbers
  • 9ft wave slide
  • 10ft monkey bars, with 3 Swings of your choice (Normal, Baby,Trapeze with rings, Tyre, Button, Wooden,Flexible) Nestswing and See Saws are an additional cost Cargo net on A-Frame
  • Heavy duty set of steps
  • 8ft Rockwall
  • Picnic Table under tower
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Telescope and Steering Wheel
  • L-shape configuration requires a minimum of 20ft x 16ft (the slide is 90 degrees off the tower)
  • In the straight position 26ft x 10ft

Profession installation available for €720