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Overview of the Popular Berg Go Kart Ranges - [SEE ALL KARTS BELOW]

1. Electric Go Karts (click to view)

The Electric range of go karts from Berg comes in a variety of different models, including the Berg Extra Sport E-BFR, Berg X-Plore E-BFR (56.6kg) and the Berg Hybrid E-BFR model (62.3kg).

The Extra Sport model is available in blue, red or black, and these go karts use the BFR pedal control system without the need for gears.

The Hybrid E-BFR model comes with a 250W motor and uses four modes, ECO, TOUR, TURBO and SPORT. All of these go karts are suitable for children aged 6 years and up.

2. Farm (click to view)

For an authentic tractor experience, Berg offers their farm range of go karts.

Models include John Deer, New Holland, CLASS, Fendt and Deutz-Fahr.

All these models of go karts are available with either a pedal only BFR system, or as BFR-3 with gears if you prefer.

Without gears, these models weigh 60.1kg, and with gears 62.1kg. These models are suitable for children aged 5 years and up and you can easily customise these go karts with other fun tractor accessories, such as a pallet fork or lift bucket too for added fun.

3. Rally (click to view)

The Berg Rally range is suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years, and are available in four fun models.

These include the Berg Rally Pearl made especially for girls, the Berg Jeep Adventure, the Berg Rally Force in eye-catching lime green and the Berg Rally Orange.

These rally go karts use the BFR system for complete pedal control and as these models are smaller than some other go karts, their average weight is around 30kg and all are available with a 2 year warranty for added customer peace of mind.

4. Reppy (click to view)

The Reppy go kart range from Berg are suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years, and come in the Reppy Rebel Racer model, the Reppy Rider model and the Berg Reppy BMW model.

These go karts are perfect for younger riders and weigh in around 9kg, making them easy for parents to carry too.

The swing axle keeps these go karts balanced and steady, and the BMW model comes with all the brand features you would expect from the famous carmaker.

These go karts have four easy to adjust seating positions to grow with your child and are completely easy to control using just the pedals.

5. Buddy (click to view)

The Buddy Berg go kart range are suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years, and are available in a wide range of models.

These include the Buddy Blue Limited Edition, the Buddy Lua, Buddy Cross, Buddy Jeep, Buddy B-Orange, Buddy Fendt, Buddy John Deer, Buddy BMW and Buddy Pro, so you are bound to find a colour and style to suit your child.

These go karts are easy to assemble and come with four solid pneumatic tyres and swing axle for extra balance and stability when riding.

Made for smaller riders, these go karts weight in around 9kg, making them easily portable too.

6. Specials (click to view)

The Specials range of go karts from Berg are made for children aged 5 years and up, and include the Race GTS BFR, the Street X, the Chopper BFR and Duo Chopper, along with the Black Edition BFR and BFR-3.

These go karts come with or without gears, with the BFR models controlled just by pedals, whilst the BFR-3 comes complete with gears too.

The Duo Chopper model is great for two to ride at once, with a co-rider's seat that is also easy to remove too.

These go karts have an average weight of 40kg and can be ridden by children aged 5 and up, along with adults under the weight limit of 100kg.

7. Off-Road (click to view)

The Berg Off-Road collection of go karts includes the X-Cross with or without gears, the X-Plore with or without gears and the Jeep Revolution also with or without gears.

These go karts are suitable for children aged 5 years and up, and come complete with four sturdy tyres, swing axle and smooth steering, making these go karts easy and fun to ride whether you opt for a model with gears or one without.

8. Classic (click to view)

The Classic range of go karts from Berg includes the Extra Sport, the Berg Extra and the Berg Basic.

The Berg Extra Sport is available with gears or without, and the Classic range of go karts is suitable for children aged 5 years and up and comes in either red or blue depending on your colour preference.

The Berg Extra comes with a coaster brake for added safety when driving, and the Berg Basic is easy to manoeuvre and also comes complete with a coaster brake too.

All these models are built with a durable frame that is made to last the test of time and all come with four pneumatic tyres for a smooth and comfortable driving experience.