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BBQ Grill Cabins Ireland

If you know that you need something a little special in your garden but you're not sure exactly what that is, how about one of our luxury BBQ Grill Cabins, and why not combine it with a wood-fired pizza oven.

For the ultimate in versatile outdoor living.

BBQ Cabins & Lodges FAQ:

What is a barbecue hut?

A BBQ hut provides everything you need to throw a grill party with minimal effort. Having the BBQ at the centre of the building makes conversation easy and ensures easy access to fresh food. The benches in some huts can even be extended to allow guests to sleep off their meat-induced stupors.
Can you sleep in a BBQ Hut?

The 9.2m2 BBQ Hut allows 5 persons to sleep, with benches that are each 2.50m long so adults can stretch out. This means the hut can be used both during the day for entertainment and at night for guest accommodation or sleep-overs. The walls are 45mm Tongue and Groove so the hut will be warm in winter.

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