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What Are The Top 50 Things to Store In Your Garden Shed?

The real question is - 

What Can't You Store In Your Garden Shed?

Here is a quick list of 50 of the top things that people store in their garden sheds in Ireland.

Here are 50 things that can be stored in a wooden garden shed:

  1. Lawnmower
  2. Garden tools such as rakes, shovels, and spades
  3. Hedge trimmer
  4. Garden hose and watering can
  5. Wheelbarrow
  6. Gardening gloves and knee pads
  7. Potting soil and fertilizer
  8. Pesticides and herbicides
  9. Flowerpots and planters
  10. Garden decorations such as birdhouses and gnomes
  11. Garden bench and outdoor seating cushions
  12. BBQ grill and accessories
  13. Outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs
  14. Extension cords and power tools
  15. Bicycles and cycling gear
  16. Sports equipment such as balls and frisbees
  17. Camping gear such as tents and sleeping bags
  18. Outdoor games such as cornhole and horseshoes
  19. Pool cleaning supplies and equipment
  20. Beach chairs and umbrellas
  21. Snow shovels and ice melt
  22. Firewood and fire pit accessories
  23. Small patio furniture such as tables and chairs
  24. Garden books and magazines
  25. Scrapbooking and craft supplies
  26. Sewing machine and fabric
  27. Power washer and cleaning supplies
  28. Painting supplies and brushes
  29. Ladders and step stools
  30. Household tools such as screwdrivers and hammers
  31. Car maintenance supplies such as oil and filters
  32. Seasonal decorations such as Christmas lights and ornaments
  33. Large gardening equipment such as tillers and cultivators
  34. Tree trimming tools such as pruning saws and loppers
  35. Garden carts and wagons
  36. Workshop tools such as saws and drills
  37. Air compressor and hoses
  38. Musical instruments such as guitars and drums
  39. Photography equipment such as cameras and tripods
  40. Electronics such as TVs and sound systems
  41. Board games and puzzles
  42. Exercise equipment such as weights and yoga mats
  43. Kids' toys such as bicycles and scooters
  44. Pet supplies such as food and leashes
  45. Cleaning supplies such as brooms and mops
  46. Spare furniture such as chairs and tables
  47. Camping chairs and tables
  48. Party supplies such as tables and chairs
  49. Umbrellas and rain gear
  50. First aid kit and emergency supplies.

Note: Please ensure to check the safety of the items stored in the shed, for example, avoid storing flammable materials and make sure that chemicals are stored in a safe and ventilated area.