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Top 5 Tips for Shelving Your New Wooden Garden Shed

Things to Keep in Mind When Adding Shelves to Your Garden Shed

Cleaning your wooden garden shed, particularly the insides of it, can be a daunting task. The main problem is that you have to find somewhere to put all the junk you pull out from inside - and this is where shelving comes in.

Here are 5 tips to help you do exactly that:

1)  Make sure the shelves are deep enough for what you want to put on them. This will prevent things looking cluttered, which could damage your carefully cultivated image of "neat freak".

But remember, less is more! If everything has its own place, there's no reason why anyone should ever question how unorganized your space actually is.

2)      Try not to go overboard with accessories like baskets or holders to keep all your stuff in. This is the worst thing you can do for an otherwise flawless storage system.

Every time you reach out to get something, everything will topple off its precarious perch, meaning that every time you want one thing, you'll have to clear half your collection of garden twine before it comes to hand.

3)  As much as possible, try not to pile things up on top of each other- remember what happens when a stack gets too high? It falls! And while this may lead to some interesting characters in The Hobbit , it's likely not the effect intended by stacking things up neatly.

4)  Try not to use anything flammable or anything that could be considered dangerous. This is important for your safety and the health and wellness of your wooden garden shed!

You wouldn't want it to catch fire or any harm to come to you because you decided to use a pile of old newspapers as bookends would you?

5)  And finally, keep in mind that keeping so many things tends lead to clutter.. but that's what this article was about in the first place! So um… yeah. Keep that in mind alright?