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Quick Guide to Buying a Garden Log Cabin

Fancy A Log Cabin for Your Garden?

 A garden log cabin is one of the best investments you can make. It is an affordable way to expand your living area while getting an outdoor space that is impressively multipurpose.

Even better, you have a lot of options to choose from, you can build your own from scratch or buy one that is already prefabricated for assembly on your property.

But if you have no experience with garden log cabins, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. With this guide, that will no longer be a problem. You will learn the major issues to consider when buying a garden log cabin.

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How do you plan to use the garden log cabin?

This is one of the most important questions you need to answer before making a purchasing decision. A garden log cabin is one of the most versatile spaces you can have. There are no limitations to how it can be used. Even better, it can serve more than one purpose.

You can use your garden log cabin as a yoga studio, a home office, a children's play area, a movie theatre, a painting studio, a home gym, a library, even a music recording studio. No matter your needs, you can find a garden log cabin to suit you.

This is why you should have an idea of the log cabin’s purpose. For example, if one of its uses will be as a painting studio, then lighting is going to be important.

If you want to use it as a library or a home office, you would want to locate it a bit further from any play area to get much-needed peace and quiet while you read or work. Space also becomes an issue to consider when looking at purpose.

If you plan to use the garden log cabin for more than one purpose, you might want to include a storage area to store equipment that is not needed at any given time.

For example, you need to store your yoga mats when you use the cabin as a home office. Knowing how the garden log cabin will be used can help you make important design decisions.


Do you need planning permission for a Log Cabin?

This is another important question you need to answer before deciding on a garden log cabin to purchase.

In most parts of the country, you won’t need any planning permission if the log cabin occupies less than 50% of your available garden space. Also, you can build without planning approval if the height is 2.5 meters or less when the cabin is located within 2 meters of your property boundary.

If you avoid a model with an additional storey or a raised verandah/balcony, then planning approval might not be necessary. Even if all these rules are followed, you have to remember that planning permission is required for any structure that will serve as a permanent living space - so you have to consider how the log cabin will be used.

These are just guidelines that don't apply universally throughout the country. Always check with the local planning office to see if you need permission for your chosen log cabin design.

What is your Log Cabin budget?

As with any purchasing decision, your options will always be limited to what you can afford. This is why it is important to determine the price ceiling based on your budget and shop from the options you can actually buy.

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The good thing with garden log cabins is that they are relatively affordable, especially when you compare them to other options like expanding your home.

This affordability means that most homeowners can find a garden log cabin that fits their budget. Another good thing with garden log cabins is the flexibility that they offer in terms of design, size, amenities, and other factors that affect the cost.  

Let's say you want a home office, but are working with a modest budget. You can still get a great garden log cabin. It might be smaller than most or include fewer amenities and premium features but it would still serve your purpose. With a larger budget, you can go for larger sizes, more extravagant design elements like all-glass curtain walls, and even include areas like a visitor lounge and professional looking furniture and decor.

With a truly unlimited budget, you can get a bespoke log cabin that rivals the best executive office you would find at a Fortune 500 company. 

Where will the log cabin be located?

Your location, especially the acreage, shape, and geography within your property are another important determining factor to consider when shopping for a log cabin. For example, no matter how permissive your budget is, if your garden space is small, then you can't get one of the larger models.

Thankfully, if you have a generous budget and restrictive garden space, you can ask for a one storeyed log cabin. Vertical expansion is always an option.

You also have to place the log cabin over level ground. If your property’s geography features uneven surfaces, then you have to get some work done to create a level area for your garden log cabin.

Depending on the surface of your property, and where you live, this can be an expensive endeavour. You are also advised to pave the area where the log cabin will be placed. For larger log cabins, you might have to create a more robust concrete foundation before construction.

One other thing you have to look out for is dampness. You should never place a log cabin in an area that is damp or swampy. Even areas that are prone to flooding should be considered a no-go zone.

Soggy ground is unstable, and this becomes a safety issue when using the log cabin. Even worse, the log cabin itself can be damaged beyond repair, which would represent a significant loss on your investment.