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How to Organise Your Garden Shed?

Tips on Best Organising Your Garden Shed

Organising your garden shed is an essential step to keeping all the tools you need easily accessible.

Once it is clean, tidy and organised, you should have a much easier time keeping track of what you have in the garden shed so that nothing gets lost or broken.

how to organise your garden shed - dublin garden sheds

When organising your garden shed you need to take into account a few things: firstly, the size of your garden and secondly, how often you use each tool or item in it so that they are placed accordingly.

It is by no means an exhaustive list but it should be enough to get you started on your gardening journey.

When organising your tools it's best to start off with having them in clear view so that they are easy accessible when needed without too much searching around for them.

A good method would be using bins or baskets to store them in, for example:

This allows for easy access when you need a certain tool without too much searching. Another good idea is to have a designated place for each gardening tool so that when you need it, you know exactly where it will be and can grab it straight away.

Using hooks or nails

Using hooks or nails on the internal walls of your shed would be a good way to hang up rakes, hoes and shears. This means they won't take up any space on your garden workbench or table and there's always somewhere to grab them from without too much searching required.

Another option would be creating under-shelf storage like this:

Under-shelves are great because anything hidden underneath isn't in view, however the items are easily accessible when you need them. If you have a power drill, it can be stored underneath this bench as well as other larger tools which aren't used often.

If you want to store smaller gardening tools like trowels or hand pruners, there are quite a few different options to choose from. One option would be having an old shoebox with holes drilled in for each item so they don't get lost at the bottom of your storage box which could become annoying if it's large and heavy.

Another method is using old egg boxes and labelling each one (see picture below):

This is not only good for organisation but also if you're short on space and need to store things vertically – taller boxes stack easily on top of each other.

A lot of people store their garden tools in the shed with them still attached to their sheaths or clips which is fine, if you use that type of storage system.

However, what can be useful is having a designated place for your gardening tools so when they are needed it's simply a case of grabbing them and heading outside without taking too long to find them.

Another idea would be to keep all your gardening gloves together in one box or container:

This makes it really easy when you need gloves and they're not spread out everywhere. If they're in view, it also reminds you when you need new ones (or any other tool for that matter).

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