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How High Should Your Shed Be Off the Ground?

Should Your Shed Be Raised Off The Ground?

While the measurements vary slightly for exactly how high off the ground a shed should be, it is recommended to build your shed at least 4 inches off the ground to allow for air to circulate underneath it and keep it cool.

This height will also keep the bottom of the shed dry even in heavy rainfall, preventing mold growth and providing good insulation for your tools.

If you are looking to build a storage space for other large items, such as ATVs or lawn mowers, you can raise the shed up another 4 inches off the ground to allow room for these vehicles to drive underneath without damage. While this may not be necessary, taking special care when building your shed will ensure that it lasts for years to come.

To take things even further, by placing your work bench at least 14 inches off the ground , you give yourself plenty of room to work while simultaneously keeping everything inside secure and out of reach from any unwanted visitors.

While high off the ground provides many benefits, if you are building your shed over an existing structure, such as a septic system or other underground pipes , it is important to leave enough height for these structures to stay accessible.

If you are having trouble visualising what size of shed will best suit your needs, one great way to help determine how much space you need is by meticulously measuring out your work area and sketching it out on graph paper.

Once this is complete, draw in your proposed measurements for the height of the sides based off of 4 inches minimum . If this leaves room for any additional projects that may come up, feel free to increase it up to about 6 inches .

When determining if your walls should be angled or not, keep in mind that you will lose up to 1.5 inches in height for every foot your walls are angled. If you are planning on building a tall shed, this may not be the ideal option for you as it will reduce the amount of storage space by almost half .

Even if at first glance your work area seems incredibly cluttered , adding an additional 4-6 feet of open wall space can accommodate for your future plans, leaving just enough room along the side to keep everything organized.

Use these guidelines to help determine how high off the ground your shed should be built.

Do I Need a Base for My Shed?

While pros and cons exist with both options, having a sturdy base allows you much more flexibility when deciding how it meets your needs best.