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Small Pizza oven 100cm

Small Pizza oven 100cm

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  • This is 100cm in width and approx. 610kg of quality product.

    This is 90cm high approx., the door is: 35cm wide and approx. 30cm high

    The inside sizes are: 85cm x 75cm and will not approx. 3 x 12" pizza in at one time!

     Chimney (ø140mm) and door in galvanized iron. 

     The measure refers the outer square base.

    Handmade oven produced with cement; brick refractory and iron. 

    No additional chemicals in the manufacture, so there is no contamination risk of food products prepared in the oven.

     Handmade production could be small discrepancies in the presented measures inside and weight.

    NOTE 1: When this is first used it should not be fully heated, it should be done progressively over a few times. As small hairline cracks can happen due to the changes in temperature. (Settling cracks may occur over time) - we recommend doing a 30min burn, then 1 hour, then 2 hours, then 3 hours. Please leave it-least 24 hours between precaution burns.

    NOTE 2: The stainless steel chimney flue in the pictures is not included with the oven. 

    NOTE 3: This will be a kerb side delivery, these are rather heavy and there will be a tail lift with the vehicle to deliver this, but they will leave it at the side of your premise/ driveway.  

    NOTE 4: We would recommend covering this BBQ where possible, if you can put a cover on this over the winter or and a gazebo or similar to try stop the adverse weather conditions.