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Best Patio Heaters Dublin

Dublin's Best Patio Heaters / Outdoor Gas Heaters Ireland.

To see our prices for our patio heaters have a look at the table below

Patio heater prices

 Item Description Price
Flame Tower - Black €525
Flame Tower - Stainless Steel €525
Mushroom Patio Heater €395
Mushroom Patio Heater €395
3 way Halogen electric Gazebo Heater €199


Flame Tower Patio Heater

This is our premier Patio Heater, putting out 15 kw of heat. It is 2.27 m tall and the base is 52cm x 52cm. Please click on the link above for more info.

Mushroom Patio Heater

This patio heater is our most popular given the fantastic price we are able to sell it at. It is 2.21 m tall and has a base 46cm in diameter. Click on the link above for more info on this heater.


Please note  - there is free delivery on these items.



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All our patio heaters :)