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Berg Playbase Accessories, Options and Prices, Dublin, Ireland

Berg Playbase Supplier, Dublin Ireland.

In the following video we will run through the current accessories for the newly released Berg Playbase.

Berg Playbase Accessories and options


Price €
Berg Playbase Large €1499
Berg Playbase Large TT with hammock €1628
Berg Play Base Hammock €129
Berg Playbase Medium TT with Nest €1421
Berg Medium Playbase  €1349
Berg Playbase TL (Climbing net and punch bag) €1847
Berg Playbase Wooden Gym Rings €42
Berg Playbase Wooden Swing Seat €22
Berg Playbase Large TL (Baby seat+Rubber seat+Trapeze) €1765
Berg Playbase Climbing Net  €219
Berg Playbase Large TL (Disc swing+Rings+Climbing wall) €2092
Berg Playbase Baby Seat €52
Berg Playbase Wooden Trapeze €22
Berg Playbase Climbing Wall  €379
Berg Playbase Nest Swing  €72
Berg Playbase Medium TL (Rubber seat+Trapeze+Climbing wall) €1942
Berg Playbase Boxing Bag €129
Berg Playbase Large TL (Baby seat+Nest) €1773
Berg Playbase Medium TL (Wooden seat+Wooden seat)  €1543
Berg Playbase TT (Wooden seat+Trapeze) €1543
Berg Playbase Pull up Bar  €99
Berg Playbase Soccer Goal L €149
Berg Playbase Medium TL (Baby seat+Rubber seat) €1539
Berg Playbase Dip bar  €99
Berg Playbase Basketball Hoop  €179
Berg Playbase Resistance Bands €49


 Berg Playbase  iis ideal for lots of fun activities in the garden, it can help you work out, practice your gymnastics football and climbing all in the one day. Whe you are done exercising and having fun, you can chill on the hammock.


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